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A Leap Forward Virtual Challenge

Monday, January 1, 2024Thursday, February 29, 2024
You will choose your time challenge and report your minutes EACH WEEK to

Event Information:
Time. We never seem to have enough, but 2024 is gifting us an extra day! Lack of time is often the reason people use for not getting enough life-giving, health-improving physical activity. The scientific evidence continues to grow — moving our bodies is essential to both our physical and our mental health. Physical activity continues to be one of the best barometers for physical health and movement is key in reducing stress and improving our mental health. We are ALL athletes and ALL made to move!

While the Platte River Fitness Series is centered on events that promote walking and running with a triathlon in the mix for good measure, we value all forms of movement. We are offering a challenge to get you through the cold, dark months of January and February, based on the recommended amount of time we should spend each week moving our bodies. You will choose your time challenge and report your minutes EACH WEEK to Weekly reporting will help keep you motivated and accountable.

You are free to choose your activity, including those that aren’t always easy to measure in miles — BUT, the intensity level must be moderate to vigorous. On a scale where 0 is sitting and 10 is the highest level of exercise you could handle, you should only count exercise that rates at least a 5 or 6 for perceived exertion. As with prior virtual challenges, this is purely on the honor system, which means YOU helping YOU!

Counting exercise vigorous enough to keep your heart pumping faster than normal and your breathing harder than normal is the key to achieving health benefits. Walk, run, swim, bike, dance, do aerobic classes (both on the land and in the water!), yoga, rowing, cardio machines — all great ways to make your minutes count and add life to your years. All registrants who meet their challenge will receive a custom t-shirt and medal at the end.