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What We Do

Frequent Questions

  • Who can apply for support?

    Must be a family with dependent children in the home OR unconnected youth under 25 (juvenile justice, homelessness, fostercare or adoption). Parents working on reunification with their child(ren) may also qualify if they are within 3 months of reunifying. SOME assistance available to eligible individuals with no children – no more than $100.00.

  • What does Families 1st Partnership do?

    Families 1st Partnership is a backbone organization for frontline agencies that work with families. Families 1st works to ensure that coaches have the support they need to best assist families. Through coaching there is access to budgeting classes, information videos on life skills, single parentings, behavioral health issues, etc. for individuals or families working with F1P. Financial assistance may also be available to families or individuals working with a coach. Families 1st Partnership currently offers assistance in Lincoln, Keith, Arthur, Perkins, chase, Dundy, Hitchcock, Hayes, Frontier, Furnas & Red Willow counties. We are continually looking to expand into other counties to assist families in need.

  • How long until I am contacted after my application?

    Once the application is complete participants will be contacted within 48 hours. Once a referral is made to a coach, the coach will contact them within 1 week (time frame depends on the specific coach).

  • What type of assistance do you provide?

    Our primary assistance is for Rent and Utilities. In some cases we may also be able to assist with vehicle repairs, purchasing a drivers license or birth certificate, etc.

  • How often can I qualify for assistance?

    Assistance is determined on a case by case basis. Participant only qualify for assistance 1x per year.